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Video marketing

Video marketing is becoming ever more popular. Clever marketers and companies are finding new and exciting ways to harness the power of video to reach audiences in an engaging and often preferred format that allows huge opportunities for experimentation. Video is becoming so popular in fact, that video ‘reach’ on social media, far out-ways the organic reach of a standard text or image post. If you’re not currently seeing the benefits of Video Marketing you should most definitely take a look

While video is around a long time, online video marketing remains relatively young, and has only begun on the journey to where it’s headed. Fueling part of that journey, is the major support and push for video on social networks and advertising platforms. Social platforms and companies today realise that the consumption of content is changing rapidly, as well as the technology the content is consumed from. Now is the time for you to grab hold of this fast rising curve, and get maximum benefit from the accelerated reach and engagement video can deliver across major platforms.

AIM has the campaign setup and video development knowledge to create and deliver an expert video campaign to the right audience for your goals.