FB Page Engagement Audiences: The Next Stage in Remarketing

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Social Media Marketing Tips

FB Page Engagement AudiencesThe debate over what’s more important in direct response – copy or list – will probably never be won. In short, they’re both critical elements of a successful campaign (for me, list just edges it).

In last week’s article Scotti talked copy. This week I’m going to show you a new list of prospects you can reach on Facebook with that killer copy – Page Engagement Audiences.

Facebook moves fast, constantly releasing new features and innovations. Sometimes some pretty big ones seem to almost slip under the radar with little fanfare. This feels like one of those times. So I’m here to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity, and can get early mover advantage.

Ever since I started using FB ads several years ago, I found it odd they didn’t offer the option to run ads to people who had engaged with your FB page. While I waited (a little impatiently) they released website custom audiences (traditional remarketing to people who visit your website, landing pages and promos) and data-based custom audiences (uploading your reader and customer data, like email addresses). They also released lookalike audiences based on those lists.

Those audiences are fantastic, and I hope you’re taking full advantage of them (if not read this previous article on custom audiences). In fact, I would suggest those audiences are still the best lists which should remain your core focus. But there’s a new kid in town…

The New List on the Block – Page Engagement Audiences

More latestly, engagement audiences were unleashed.

My initial excitement was tempered by the fact these were only based on video, canvas and lead ad audiences. Nice, but not very useful if you don’t use those features.

Video audiences held the most interest for me, but they don’t work that well using the short video ads that we mostly employ.

AIM Tip: if you have longer, more engaging editorial or “edutainment” style videos, I would certainly encourage you to build audiences of people who have viewed them.

Somewhat encouraged, but even more impatiently, I continued to wait…

Now finally, page based audiences are here. (Well, like most things FB, they’re being rolled out so watch out for them if you don’t have them yet).

6 Types of Page Based Audiences

It was worth the wait. FB didn’t just release a single page engagement option. And I expect more will soon come. But there are currently six different types of page based audiences you can build:

  1. Everyone who engaged with your page
  2. Anyone who visited your page
  3. People who engaged with any post or ad
  4. People who clicked any call-to-action button
  5. People who sent a message to your page
  6. People who saved your Page or any post

You can also create multiple audiences for each of the above based on duration – from 1 to 365 days. The shorter the length, the hotter the prospect is likely to be. A longer duration will create a larger list, but they won’t all be as likely  to respond. Someone who visited your page in the last week should be very interested to see an ad, but someone who did so a year ago is probably a little cooler as a potential lead.

I would encourage you to start creating variations for all of the above as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll have a variety of larger audiences to run your ads to.

Before I show you how to create them, let’s look at each of them in more detail:

Everyone who engaged with your page includes everyone who visited your page or engaged with your page’s content or ads on FB or Messenger. Essentially this combines everything below, and will be your largest list but not as granular as the individual options.

Anyone who visited your page includes those people who visited your page, regardless of the action they took. This person may have visited your page after seeing a promoted post… or from your post their friend shared or engaged with. They may have found you by searching on FB or from a link on your website. Consider it like remarketing to visitors of your website homepage.

People who engaged with any post or ad includes only those who engaged with a page post (organic or promoted) or ad. Engagement includes reactions (likes, love, sad etc.), shares, comments, link clicks or carousel swipes. I now wait (slightly more patiently) in hope they’ll offer granular segmenting, because someone sharing your content should be a stronger lead than someone who liked your post. But for now, these people have at least had a reaction and some contact with your page content.

People who clicked any call-to-action (CTA) button should be a highly qualified list because they have already responded to you. It’s important to note these are only those who click a CTA button (e.g. contact us, learn more, signup etc.) on your page and not a CTA on a promoted post.

If you don’t have a CTA button on your page, this is an additional reason to add one immediately. (Read about the other reasons and how to set CTA buttons up here).

People who sent a message to your page could be from Messenger directly or after seeing a post on FB using a Message CTA. Currently this is the only audience FB will allow you to run ads to in Messenger itself. So it will soon become very important. Watch this space…but start building this list now.

Finally, people who saved your Page or any post offers a very compelling audience to reach. These are people who have effectively “bookmarked” one of your posts to read later. For those users who aren’t aware this is an option you select it by selecting the drop down (v) on the right corner of a post, like so:

Setting up an audience from people who saved your link on Facebook

This is a very exciting audience to target since they were clearly interested in your content, and are a great candidate to remarket to. Again, I wait (but won’t hold my breath) for FB to start offering more granular segmentation so you could target highly relevant ads to those who have saved a particular piece of content.

I’m positive FB will continue to refine the audiences you can build. In the meantime, you should start building the lists available to you.

As a related note, it makes an even more compelling case to consider fan building as part of your strategy. Creating a passion page also becomes even more appealing.

Hopefully you’re excited by the prospect of these new lists and why you should create them. Now let’s walk you through the “how” so you can get started. Stick with me, they only take a few minutes.

How to Create Page Engagement Audiences in 3 Minutes or Less

It’s pretty simple to create these lists, especially if you’ve ever created any custom audiences before. Here’s a short video to walk you through the steps.

If video isn’t your thing, here are the simple steps:

  1. From Audiences > select Create Audience > Custom AudienceFacebook page engagement audiences
  1. Select Engagement on Facebook [New]
    Creating a custom audience on facebook
  1. Select Page [New]choosing a page when creating a custom audience
  1. Select the page, type of audience, duration and name the audience.Selecting the correct page when creating a custom audienceChoosing your audience type
  2. Repeat to create multiple audience types and durations.

Each audience can take up to 30 minutes to populate and will continue to grow over time. You can check the audiences section on FB to see the size of each audience you have created.

Don’t Be Late to the Party – Start Building Your New Remarketing Lists

To wrap up, Page Engagement audiences offer some very exciting opportunities to create new lists to reach with your ads and promoted posts. This is especially true if, like many FB marketers, you’re experiencing audience fatigue. Or if you don’t have a large number of website visitors or an established email list. Even if those aren’t issues, it’s always great to have alternative lists to access.

I would still rate website and customer data audiences as better qualified lists. But these page engagement audiences are great to throw into the mix.

This is simply a new opportunity for remarketing… reaching audiences of people who have had some touch point with you but haven’t necessarily visited your website or liked your page.

Consider this an early Christmas present. Happy list building.

Grant Perry

Grant Perry

Social Media Specialist, AIM

P.S. I love talking remarketing and FB advertising. Hit me up with any questions or if you want to throw around some ideas. Best of all, if you’re with an Agora company, it won’t cost you a dime.