Facebook’s Call to Action: A 3 Minute Strategy for Free Email Signups

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Facebook, Social Media Marketing Tips

Call to action fbIt may still be true that the only certainty in life is death and taxes (unless you’re Apple of course). And if @BenjaminFranklin were alive today he’d probably Tweet that death does include Facebook’s organic reach.

It’s true, the organic free lunch has turned from a buffet to a side salad. If you want serious results it’s a pay to play world.

But it doesn’t mean you should ignore organic opportunities completely. There are plenty of possibilities to get free fans, video views, web visits…even email signups or sales.

Today I’m going to discuss adding a call to action (CTA) button to your FB page to get some of that free action.

It’s dead easy and will take you about 3 minutes.

And it’s more important than ever with the new FB page design that’s being rolled out.

Have you noticed the shiny new FB page design?

If you don’t have the new design, you soon will.

Even if your own page hasn’t received the makeover you’ve probably noticed many other FB pages now have lots of new features and a cleaner look. (Personally I love the new “search posts” function).

Importantly, the cover image now stands on its own.

The profile picture isn’t placed in the way and the CTA button no longer sits on the cover. In fact, that CTA button is now even more prominent than the Like button.

Here’s the new page layout on desktop:

Sign up call to action button Picture2gNotice the large blue “Sign Up” button. That’s the CTA button.

AIM Tip: As you can see, we’ve designed our cover image with copy and an arrow to bring extra attention to the button.

On mobile the button is even more obvious, right across the page:

mobile version sign up call to action button

And if you hover over your page in the newsfeed, the Sign Up button is hard to miss.

hover over page in news feed

This can be especially important when running sponsored posts, since people likely won’t know who you are and can hover on your page to take a quick look.

Choosing which CTA button to use

As you can see, the CTA on the AIM page is for an email signup. As a direct response publisher focused on conversions, this is probably what you’ll want too.

But you have various options to choose from:

button options

“Book Now” could be a good option if you have an event to promote.

“Watch Video” could work to push a welcome video or to direct someone to your video sales letter (talking promo).

If you choose “Sign Up” you simply provide a landing page link. People will be directed off FB to that page.

AIM Hack: There’s no reason you can’t direct people to a promotional link in the sign up field if you have a strong package that converts well.

In a similar way, you can use the “Learn More” option to direct people to any web page, be it your website, landing page or promotion.

AIM Tip: Regardless if it’s lead gen or direct sale, be sure to create a unique link and code so you can track the results you generate specifically from this source.

How to set up the CTA button

  1. You need admin access to your FB page.
  2. Visit your page and click on “+ Add a Button” under your cover image, like so:

Add CTA button

  1. Choose your desired CTA and fill in the appropriate information. Below shows the Sign Up button. Simply add your landing page url to the website box, hit “Save Changes” then sit back and watch those emails roll in.

link website CTA button

If your page already has a CTA button it can be edited by hovering over it and selecting “Edit Button” from the drop down.

edit call to action button

You can also select “View Insights” to see how many people are clicking that button, like so:

view insights to see clicks

Will this result in thousands of new leads and change your business? Probably not. But it’s a quick and easy way to make your FB page look more professional and get free readers and customers.

It’s also now possible to run advertising campaigns promoting this CTA button. (Using the “Promote” option above or via the advertising platform). But this simply directs people to the landing page (just like a regular campaign) so I recommend only keeping this for organic sign ups.

But, if you’re running fan building campaigns (remember, there’s still a case for building fans) you will likely get extra traffic to your FB page too. So be sure to make it easier for them to take the action you want.


Grant Perry
Social Media Specialist, AIM