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Facebook Lead Ads: Generate leads on mobile at volume for half the CPA

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Social Media Marketing Tips

Facebook Lead AdsWould you like to get email leads at half your usual CPA? Would you like an introduction to a tactic to convert mobile traffic at serious volume without the need to build a single landing page?

Say hello to Facebook Lead Ads.

I’m sorry if you were expecting someone else. Some surprise visitor turning up with a bottle of secret sauce. Leads ads aren’t exactly a new kid on the block. They were launched in June 2015 and perhaps you’ve tried them before. But they’ve had a latest makeover which you should be aware of.

For those still scratching your heads, Facebook Lead Ads are those simple pre-filled forms that allow you to subscribe with a couple of taps of your fingers.  And if you’re like many of our older target demographic that’s a relief for those fat fingers that aren’t designed to type an email address into a small form field on a mobile device.

Lead Form and Success page on Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads direct users to a simple – prefilled – lead form and success page, all contained within the FB ecosystem.

Better conversions on mobile

The vast majority of users access FB from their mobile devices. FB were quick to realise slow loading web pages and clunky forms were a poor experience for their users and often produced poor results for their advertisers.

Advertisers focused on branding, and vanity metrics like engagement, didn’t care or aren’t able to measure that poor performance. But many of us in the direct response world recognised it was a significant issue and often a poor return on our investment. That may have caused some of you to stop targeting mobile. For others it may have skewed your desktop results by mixing in terrible mobile conversion rates.

NOTE: Facebook Lead Ads are now also available on desktop but we suggest focusing on mobile initially.

Lead ads have gone a long way to solving the issues of poor mobile performance. So, if they’re so good why aren’t more people using them?

Because the very thing that makes them successful is also one of their biggest weaknesses.

Making a form super easy to complete and contained within the FB ecosystem (rather than directing them to a web based landing page) will almost certainly boost your conversion rate – and in turn lower your CPA. But it’s that very low friction that may result in a lower quality lead.

Cheaper is not always better.

Facebook Lead ads make it so easy to sign up that some people aren’t as well qualified. They may not have realised they were signing up for your e-letter at all.

This potentially lukewarm prospect was further cooled by a common delay in them hitting your sales funnel. That’s because lead ads required many marketers to download a .csv file from FB and upload those leads manually to their CRM.

That’s extra work none of us have time for. And that delay can be problematic for performance too. Let’s say someone responded to your ad and submitted their email on a Friday night. It could be a few days before they receive the welcome email with the free report you promised and start receiving your mailings.

That’s a pretty poor start to a relationship that was a little suspect to begin with.

But a couple of latest changes have addressed these issues. Two were introduced by Facebook. The other is something we’ve developed.

PROBLEM:       Poor quality lead.
SOLUTION:      Context Cards

Better qualify your lead with context cards

FB latestly introduced an optional layer to the lead form – a context card. Although it adds an extra step for the user it gives you the chance to better explain to them what they’re signing up to. That should help reduce spam issues and ensure people are more receptive to your e-letter. And with the right copy it may even boost your response.

You can use standard copy or bullet points in your context card and can also customise the copy on the button, like below:

Context Card on Lead Ads

The new context card allows you to better explain what someone is signing up for.

You can also add an optional terms and conditions card to further qualify lead, especially if there are specific terms for an offer, like below.

Context Cards on FB Lead Ads

PROBLEM:       Poor quality and manual handling of leads.
SOLUTION:      RapidFire

Automate your leads

We don’t claim to have invented lead ads automation. Several third party tools are available that work with some of the most popular CRMs, like MailChimp, with little or no integration. However, if you use Agora systems that wasn’t so simple, or cost effective.

Until now.

Enter RapidFire Lead Ads.

We partnered with our sister Agora group, Threefold Systems, to build a simple tool that will automagically upload your leads via signup app or IRIS. Your prospect will receive their welcome email immediately and hit your email list before they get cold.

Sadly, one aspect of lead ads still makes them more challenging to convert immediately to a paying subscriber. There’s no way to automatically display a customised confirmation page. Users see a standard success page with a small button that allows you to link to a confirmation page but it’s not overly prominent.

But there is something to reduce that pain a little…

PROBLEM:       No remarketing
SOLUTION:      Engagement Lead Ad Custom Audience

Remarketing is now possible

Since people aren’t hitting your web page it wasn’t Initially possible to remarket to non-converters.

So FB introduced engagement custom audience with a Lead Ad option.

Create a custom audience on FB

This allows you to create an audience of people who have clicked to your lead form but didn’t tap submit.

AIM TIP:  Try advertising a more traditional web based landing page to those people.

You also have the option to create an audience of those who did submit the lead form.

AIM TIP: Exclude these people from future lead campaigns or target them with front end offers. This can go some way to solving the lack of a confirmation page.

More than Emails

It’s not just emails you can collect with these lead ads. You can add various pre-populated form fields, like name, phone number, zip code, job tittle or even a custom question, like below:

User info to ask for on Lead Ads

AIM TIP: only ask for information you plan to use. Even though it’s prefilled more fields may make your prospect hesitant to tap submit.

Most of the above isn’t necessary when you’re simply adding names to your e-letter… unless you plan to segment your list by these factors. Or if you’re considering using these leads for telesales they’ll need a phone number and some of this information may help them close the sale.

New – Instagram Lead Ads

Lead ads are now also available on Instagram. If you’ve ruled out this platform before latest direct response features available on Instagram make it worth another look. Now with Lead ads in the mix it’s even more appealing.

AIM TIP: break up your Adsets to target Instagram and FB separately if you do decide to target both platforms.

Give Facebook Lead Ads a spin

You’ll almost certainly get leads less expensively – up to half the cost of traditional FB ads. And now – with context cards and automation – you have a better chance than ever of seeing a decent ROI.

If you’ve never tried Facebook Lead Ads now is the perfect time to add them to your toolbox. If you have been burnt by poor quality or the hassle of manually uploading leads in the past now is a great time to revisit.

Create a Facebook Lead Ad in 5 minutes (no designer needed)

Facebook Lead Ads are really simple to create with no need for a designer to create any landing pages. You can do it yourself in about 5 minutes. Your audience and device targeting remains exactly the same as you already use for regular ads.

For step by step instructions on how to create lead ads send us a message now  and type “lead ads”.

Our friendly AIM bot will immediately send you easy to follow instructions.


Grant Perry
Grant Perry, AIM

P.S. if you want to automate your lead ads let me know and we’ll get you set up on RapidFire.


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