Anti-Brand-Building With Passion: The Secret to Facebook Passion Pages

by | May 11, 2016 | Social Media Marketing Tips

Passion pages may be the best kept secret on Facebook. They’re a great way to build some organic buzz around your product idea or franchise, for next to nothing. You could almost look at them as free hot list builds…pretty interesting, right?

The idea behind passion pages is pretty simple – to develop a community of like-minded people who feel strongly about a particular topic or issue. Rather than building a web site or Facebook page and trying to draw traffic, you identify a specific topic and create focused content around it. The key thing to remember is that this is separate from your brand. It’s not the brand speaking to an audience. It’s organic content around the passion topic. People will be more likely to interact with you if they think it’s a person or community, not a brand — especially one they don’t know.

The first step is to start a Facebook page on your passion topic, and begin posting and sharing content. You could set a small budget to promote or boost the content, to build momentum faster. Pretty soon, you’ll have a growing fan base of people who are interested in what you have to say. They’re engaged, sharing, posting, and creating a dialogue.  All of this content can drive traffic to your web site.   And…here’s the best part…you’re essentially creating a (practically) free list of very engaged, very qualified prospects for your products. Sound familiar?!

Once you’ve built a solid following on your passion page, you can start sharing content (blog posts or articles) from your brand to drive traffic to your brand site. It’s probably a good idea to start off with basic content (as opposed to a promo selling your product) so the shift in tone isn’t too abrupt. The engagement from your passion page should be sky high, since it’s a prime audience for your product. You can also promote these posts at a very low cost for an even wider reach.

Finally, you move in for the sell. You can do this with posts to the passion page linking to your promo (but do this carefully so you don’t erode the credibility of the page). Or you can remarket to visitors to your website from your passion page (make sure you set up the tracking pixel first).

You can use passion pages to market your existing products (as long as the products are relevant). It’s also a great tool for gauging interest in a new product concept, the idea being that if there’s enough interest on your passion page, there may be a product worth developing. Granted, liking a page or sharing a post is very different than pulling out your wallet to purchase something. But it could give you an indication, i.e. if you can’t create an engaged fan base on your passion page, it’s probably not a solid product concept.

Here’s an example we’re working on in the health space.

We have a new franchise idea, based around the gluten-free movement. But we’re not sure if we’re ready to pull the trigger on a full scale launch. So we’re creating a passion page on gluten. The ‘voice’ of the page is someone who is extremely passionate about health, food, diet and gluten in particular, Emma Gowdie. Emma will post gluten-related content to create a community of gluten-free people, sharing ideas, tips, recipes, latest trends, medical findings, etc.

Once we’ve developed a solid fan base, we’ll test selling a report on gluten to see how they respond. If the response is strong enough, we’ll roll out with the full product franchise. We’re in the early stages of the project, so watch this space. I’ll report back when we have results to share.

Whether you want to use it as a hot list build for a new product launch, to sell already established products, or simply to drive qualified traffic to your web site, your passion page should serve you – and your fan base – well.

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