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A strong social media arsenal plays a key role in your marketing strategy and should be looked at as one of the core brand proofing tools of the digital world. If you have a good following, with engaged fans and strong content, new fans and customers will be quicker to place trust in you. AIM hold the key to power up your social media and engage your fans.


Organic social media is all about engaging your fans, and attracting new fans by posting content that appeals to them. To generate a strong organic reach, it’s important to understand who your fans are, what they’re values are, and how they communicate.


At AIM, we believe in the concept of delivering ‘the right message, to the right person, at the right time’. Paid social media can help you do just that. AIM have mastered the process of accurately targeting fans and potential customers to secure sales, increase engagement, and generate new leads. Paid social media has become a powerful tool that the AIM team have the expertise to harness.

Social Media Audit:

Social media can be a hard nut to crack if you don’t already know what it takes. AIM have been around the block once or twice, so we know what it takes to generate and maintain momentum. We will analyse your social media efforts, your customer, and your market, and provide a comprehensive action plan that you can use to drive your business forward.

AIM has the tools and experience to enhance your social media and get you where you need to be. We are direct response marketing experts and in turn, we take steps based on knowledge and data, to make your efforts work for you.

AIM articles about Social Media

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Facebook Group: how to get free reach (and sales)

What if you could reach your best prospects and subscribers on FB – and have ongoing conversations with them – for free? Read on to discover how.

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Facebook video ads

Slide Show Facebook Video Ads: a 7 Minute Strategy to Grow Your Lists

Video killed the radio star. And it’s trying to do the same with the written word.
People watch over 500 million hours of YouTube videos a day. There are more than 8 billion daily video views…

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LinkedIn Audiences and Lead Gen Forms make LinkedIn Advertising Worth a Fresh Look

LinkedIn just got serious with major, FB like, innovations to their ad platform including matched audiences and lead gen forms.

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Mobile phone in hand

Facebook Lead Ads: Generate leads on mobile at volume for half the CPA

Yes, you can convert mobile visitors on FB with lead ads. Discover how to get quality leads at volume for half the CPA.

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Facebook leads ads graphic

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads…and Upload them Automatically

Facebook lead ads allow you to provide a better mobile user experience. Rather than take someone off FB to a web-based landing page they can be directed to a lead form on FB with prefilled information, like the email address. Your conversion rate will likely be vastly...
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Project X logo

Project X: On Target For Success

What would you do if your ability to email your customers suddenly disappeared? 75% of your revenue would also disappear, along with the valuable relationships you’ve developed with you customers.

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Automation won't replace you...but it can help you

Save Time and Costly Mistakes with Facebook’s New Automated Rules

Voice activated kettles and lightbulbs aren’t exactly what I had in mind for the future when I was a kid. Growing up watching the Jetsons promised so much more. Colm, AIM’s in-house SEO expert is also passionate about automation. Armed with his beloved Google Home he...
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Social engagement design

FB Page Engagement Audiences: The Next Stage in Remarketing

This week I’m going to show you a new list of prospects you can reach on Facebook with that killer copy – Page Engagement Audiences.

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fatigue man

Facebook Audience Fatigue: What is it and what can you do about it?

When we talk about “Audience Fatigue” in FB, we are referring to audiences on FB who, much like your email file, get sick of seeing your promotions. In fact, they get sick of seeing you all together. 

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Social media chat

WeChat for Publishers and Marketers: Lessons from a Social Media Giant

WeChat is China’s version of Facebook. But even non-Chinese businesses can learn from this social media powerhouse to generate sales and leads.

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Facebook Call to Action

Facebook’s Call to Action: A 3 Minute Strategy for Free Email Signups

It may still be true that the only certainty in life is death and taxes (unless you’re Apple of course). And if @BenjaminFranklin were alive today he’d probably Tweet that death does include Facebook’s organic reach. It’s …

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Instagram advertising on phone

You Can Use Instagram Advertising for Direct Response Lead Generation

“Instagram is for kids, celebrities or brands. There’s no way for a serious direct response marketer to use it, is there?”
You’d be forgiven for having this opinion. I encountered the exact same attitude when I started using…

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Mobile phone customer

Direct Response Facebook Advertising: Simple Ways to Convert

Unless you’re still wearing hammer pants or shoulder pads and using floppy disks you know people are increasingly using mobile devices for their online activity. And it’s not just the kids …

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Facebook fans

Free Hack to Get Facebook Fans (8 Reasons Why Likes are Worthwhile)

Today I’m going to share with you a cool, simple hack to grow your business fan base on Facebook. But not any old fans. They’ll be engaged, potential customers. And it’s free. But, hang on…

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