Paid Search

Paid Search is an ever evolving beast that requires knowledge, time, and experience to tame. Anyone can setup a PPC campaign but it’s the finer details, with campaign tweaks and tricks, developed over years of work in paid acquisition that are essential to delivering a successful campaign. AIM can inject decades of experience into your campaigns to bring your acquisition process to the next level.

With Paid Search we can deliver immediate, measurable, profitable results… whatever your acquisition goal. Our work doesn’t end once your acquisition goals are met. We know our efforts will have downstream effects on your business. Our objective is to work towards a healthy long-term growth plan for your organization.

Our Account Managers will be involved at every stage: strategy, deployment, testing, optimization and analysis. The founders of AIM were some of the first in the publishing industry to use Paid Search for lead generation. We now manage multi-million dollar accounts for some of the largest and most successful newsletter publishers in the world.

AIM is a Google Certified AdWords agency with 24/7 global coverage. We also work with other paid search platforms including Bing and Yahoo. We currently manage accounts in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Let us know how we can help you by scheduling a call with one of our directors today!


AIM articles about Paid Search

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How to avoid these Native Advertising Mistakes

Confessions of a Native Advertising Junkie: 3 Mistakes I’ve Made and How You Can Avoid Them

Native advertising can provide acquisition at serious scale and diversification to protect you from the Google or Facebook slap. Discover 3 common, and costly, mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Ad Platform Automation: Saving Your Time, Money and Sanity

You might not know it, but if you are running ads on any advertising platform including Facebook, AdWords, or native networks you’re already using automation. Learn how to embrace automation to increase conversions.

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The most important page on your website

There’s a page on your website that should generate more customers for you than any other, especially if you have a serious lead generation strategy.

It’s a goldmine for sales.

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One Small Step for Outbrain, One Giant Leap for Native Advertising

Outbrain’s Custom Audiences could reshape what is possible with native advertising!

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Update to Gmail Sponsored Ads and What it Means to You

As I’m sure most people reading this email already know… I’m a bit of a fan when it comes to Gmail Sponsored Promotions… and for good reason. We’ve seen great success targeting Similar to Customer Lists…

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Google’s New Ad Experience Report and the future of online advertising

In early 2018 Google will make a change to Chrome. Use the new Ad Experience Report to see how your site ranks with Google’s new advertising standards.

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A Guide to Google AdWords Targeting Settings

If you don’t understand the difference between these two targeting settings on AdWords, you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t be that guy!

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Success steps 1-2-3-4

Outbrain: A Recipe for Ultimate Success

This week I’m going to talk about how to build a kick-ass campaign on Outbrain in under one hour. In reality, if you are already familiar with the platform, it won’t even take you that long!

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Smart display ads

Smart Display Ads: Take Advantage of This Brand New Ad Format

Smart Display Ads were just released from Beta last week and should be rolling out to all advertisers as I write this. We were lucky to be able to test them out before they were released while in Beta phase…

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native advertising poster

Why You Need Native In Your Life

I spoke about this a few weeks back at AIM’s Digital Innovation Summit in Florida, but I’ll say it here again, if you’re not using a native ad platform for lead gen or one-step right now you’re missing out. For those of you who missed it, here are my three reasons why you need native in your life…

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Native Network – Dianomi

Download Dinaomi’s financial publisher inventory below.

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Adwords cloaking-under a cloak

Cloaking: The New Google Slap

Those of you unfortunate enough to remember the ‘Google Slap’ of a few years ago, might still feel the sting when you hear another one could be on the way.

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campaign experiments in google

Campaign Experiments in Google: The Easy Way to Test

The easiest way we’ve found to conduct online tests, such as keywords, bids and landing pages. Quick, simple and free with Google Campaign Drafts and Experiments.

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Similar Audiences Google-adwords

Harnessing the Power of Google Adwords Similar Audiences

Right person, right place, right time… the biggest takeaway from this article should be this: Similar Audiences help you get closer than ever to your target audience, the people most likely to convert and purchase. That is powerful…

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