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Other Services

Conversion Optimization:

Conversion optimization is achieved by understanding the customer, the conversion goal, and the analytics resulting from customer interaction. Our expertise lies in decades of experience with the 3 key conversion funnels – 1. Acquisition. 2. Activation. 3. Monetization.

  1. An acquisition funnel: has one core goal – To generate as many potential new customers as possible. This is also known as Lead Gen.
  2. An activation funnel: focuses on converting prospects into first time buyers.
  3. A monetization funnel: is all about keeping first time buyers engaged and converting them into long term, dedicated, and active customers.

As expert direct response marketers, we track everything. We know how important it is to understand each and every step your customer takes, from the initial landing page, through email sign up, media play, or product purchase.

Whatever type of customer you have, or funnel you require, AIM has the expertise to develop, optimize, and maintain a conversion funnel that enhances your campaigns and CPA across any platform.

Gauntlet Series:

The Gauntlet Series is your key to welcoming a fresh lead, nurturing their membership, and taking them along a road of wonder through the world that is your company or product. This approach allows you to educate your new lead, support them to embrace your company, and build long term relationships that deliver big results.

Over a series of strategically designed and delivered email campaigns, the gauntlet series will help you to build a relationship with your new acquisition, and earn their trust, by providing useful and relevant content that your customers can relate to and value. At AIM we understand that a free member that gets value from your company in the beginning, is far more likely to pay for further value in the future.

The email Gauntlet is AIM’s bread and butter. If you’re considering generating new leads, and feel it’s important to engage them while they’re hot, you should talk to our Gauntlet experts at AIM.

Video Marketing:

Video marketing is becoming ever more popular. Clever marketers and companies are finding new and exciting ways to harness the power of video to reach audiences in an engaging and often preferred format that allows huge opportunities for experimentation. Video is becoming so popular in fact, that video ‘reach’ on social media, far out-ways the organic reach of a standard text or image post. If you’re not currently seeing the benefits of Video Marketing you should most definitely take a look.

While video is around a long time, online video marketing remains relatively young, and has only begun on the journey to where it’s headed. Fueling part of that journey, is the major support and push for video on social networks and advertising platforms. Social platforms and companies today realise that the consumption of content is changing rapidly, as well as the technology the content is consumed from. Now is the time for you to grab hold of this fast rising curve, and get maximum benefit from the accelerated reach and engagement video can deliver across major platforms.

AIM has the campaign setup and video development knowledge to create and deliver an expert video campaign to the right audience for your goals.

List Building:

When it comes to building lists… Well, we know what we’re doing. We can help you build and maintain a list of interested consumers, which will allow you to more effectively sell your product. List building is essentially using online signup or opt-in forms to get viewers to subscribe to your email list. This is one of the toughest, but most important, things to do for your business. With years of experience in email list building, AIM has both the expertise and the dedication to help you and your business. Find out how to Grow your Lists Here.

Online PR and Outreach:

Today, so much of what a business does to build its name and its brand is done online. AIM can help you maintain a positive image of yourself and your brand online. Doing this will not only improve how people see your business, but it will improve how many people see your business. Via social media and email, AIM will get your business the right kind of attention. With Aim, you can step up your PR, step up your outreach, and leave your competitors in the dust.


For businesses that rely heavily on online sales, remarketing is a tool that should be used universally. Being able to target viewers who visited your site, but didn’t end up making a purchase, can pay massive dividends. Here at AIM, remarketing is a strategy we truly believe in. We can help your business come up with an efficient plan that best utilizes remarketing to maximize your conversions.

Native Advertising:

Native advertising isn’t something that is new to the advertising world, but with the rise of social media it is becoming evermore important. At AIM, we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to native advertising. These ads mock the function and format of the platform they appear on and, with AIM’s help, they may become your business’s new best friend.

Website Reviews:

Having experts review your website can potentially revolutionize everything about your site. Here at AIM, our experts can help you do a number of things to your website. We can wok with you to improve your Google traffic, usability, conversion rate, and SEO approach, among other things. Having your website perform at absolute maximum efficiency can be a powerful weapon for your business to wield.

Mobile Marketing:

From where we stand today, mobile marketing looks to be the future of the marketing world. Ads are being custom made to fit perfectly on to the screen of a laptop, phone, or tablet. There are mobile pop-up ads on web browsers and there are in-app banner ads. So why fall behind? With the mobile marketing field continually growing, AIM can help you grow with it and stay on top of your mobile advertising.