Using Google Search Console for Better Website Optimization

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Actionable SEO Tips

Google Analytics SolutionsApart from being the “face of your business,” your website is a marketing channel that has the potential to bring in leads that often have three to five times the lifetime value of PPC names. It’s also a channel that you have full access to, and more importantly, it’s a channel that you have full control over. In fact, when it comes to acquisition marketing, it’s the only channel that you truly own and can control.

For these reasons, I often refer to your website as the most powerful digital asset that you own.

Unfortunately, it is often underutilized as an acquisition channel, and in a year in which we’ve already seen a few slapdowns from Facebook and Google, it is becoming increasingly important to get your website seen by the customers you really want to attract.

To achieve this, you need to pay close attention to your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That’s because when you go through a spate of ad disapprovals… or worse, an account shutdown, you need a place where potential customers can still see your best and most contrarian content – even the stuff that pushes Google and Facebook boundaries.

Those of you who know something about SEO, will know that it is a long-term investment. Despite handy SEO plugins like YOAST, there’s no magic wand that you can wave to open the floodgates and bring on thousands of leads overnight.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some essential steps you can take to help boost traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. One of these are Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools).

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google to help monitor and maintain your website’s online presence in Google search results. Using it isn’t a requirement to be included in Google’s search results, but it will certainly boost your site’s optimization and push you up on Google’s page ranks.

Google Search Console is a game-changer

Google Search Console is the only place to get SEO information about your website directly from Google.

It allows you to tell Google what changes and updates have been made to your content, and you can also ask the search engine to re-crawl the updated content. Once a re-crawl has been requested, updates in search results can appear in a matter of minutes.

However, if you wait for Google to re-crawl your content automatically, your changes and updates could take weeks to appear in search result.

You can also see what search queries and keywords people use to find your site with, as well as the number of impressions per page in search results. This allows you to optimize the most visited and traffic-heavy pages to gain more even more traffic.

Google Search Console also enables you to tell Google what country you’re targeting, what your preferred domain looks like, and you can submit a sitemap to Google to index your site more efficiently.

Google Search Console really is a ‘must-use’ for any business with a website.

If you want easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to add Google Search Console to your site, reach out to us on Messenger and we’ll send it across to you.