Free SEO Checklist

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Actionable SEO Tips

SEO growth organicSEO is about a lot more than just posting your eLetter content on your website and downloading the latest Yoast SEO plugin.

It’s about analysis. It’s about analyzing your content. It’s about finding content gaps and opportunities to bring in more traffic. Traffic that’s relevant to your business. It’s about analyzing what your customers are searching for, and it’s about analzying your competitors. In its simplest form, SEO is about doing what your competitors are doing, only doing it better.

SEO is about having your site structured in a way that allows you to compete for high volume search phrases, in your niche. Your site architecture lays the foundation for your SEO strategy. Optimizing your site structure is an imperative first step in your SEO strategy.

It’s about producing great content and optimizing that content so users and search engines can digest it properly.

Most of all, it’s about making sure that your website is optimized for conversions. 

We do this through creating and implementing a focused SEO strategy.

The starting point in creating this strategy is auditing your website to see what areas need improvement. We’ve compiled a 50 point website health check audit checklist for you.

You can download our free SEO audit checklist to help determine the health of your website, and kickstart the journey of turning your website into a conversion machine.