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Tips & Tactics

If you’re a marketer, or know even the slightest bit about what it takes to run anything online, you know that showing off just one facet of the business is never enough. It’s important to stay up to date with current events that affect your world.

And for anyone involved in online marketing, that involves constant research.

The AIM Team remains on the front lines of what’s going on in the many areas of direct response marketing. So when there’s a big Google announcement, a social media conference underway, another SEO finding, or you’re up late at night trying to figure out why your Facebook ads suddenly got disapproved, we are reading up on the same information, dealing with the same snags in the online channels, and working to digest it all.

We do a lot of the analyzing, reading, and keeping our finger on the pulse of these events, but we’d hate to keep it all to ourselves! So, we give it away once a week. Every article you read from our site comes from one of the 7 AIMers (and counting) who are burgeoning experts in online marketing and all that is involved to keep your marketing team and campaigns going.

With our weekly content, AIM provides research, analysis, and lessons-learned stories for you. With a knowledgeable team who are eager learners, AIM delivers some of the best tactical advice for online marketing teams, whether you are an SEO novice or an online marketing guru.

If you start now, you’ll be lucky enough to get our perspective every week on the world of direct response marketing.

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