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Welcome to the help section for RapidFire.

Below are frequently asked questions and their answers. We also have a RapidFire training section with video tutorials.

If you can’t find a solution to your problem below please email us here.

RapidFire allows you to securely create (and dynamically update) custom audiences to use for Facebook advertising. Additional features will be added soon including Facebook Lead Ads and integration with other advertising platforms such as AdWords, Twitter and Yahoo! Gemini.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I can’t see my Facebook ad account(s).
A: Ensure you are logged in to Facebook via RapidFire.

Q: I can’t connect to the AdWords, Twitter or Gemini ad platforms?
A: Sorry, those platforms are still being integrated. We’ll update you as soon as they are ready. We estimate this will be late 2016.

Q: What is my Kendra folder?
A: It’s the folder, unique to your affiliate, that publishing services places your customer lists on.

Q. What user name and password do I use to login?
A: Use your Agora login details. This is the same as you use for accessing Qlikview reporting or Opium for example.

Q. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my user name and password?
A: Since RapidFire uses your Agora login you should visit the Agora portal to reset it. Note: this will reset the password for all other areas you use the Agora login.

Q. Will each Agora affiliate have their own RapidFire account?
A: Each employee is associated with one affiliate. They will have access to RapidFire using their individual Agora login but must have advertiser access to a Facebook account to create audiences or syncs with Facebook.

Q. How can I restrict access to RF?
A: Currently anyone with the link to RapidFire and a valid Agora login can use RapidFire, but only for their assigned affiliate. We are working on an admin section that will allow one admin per affiliate who can assign / approve / remove users at that affiliate.

Q. I get an error that says my affiliate name is not recognized. What do I do?
A: Please email us with the name of your affiliate as it appears on the error screen and we’ll let you know when it is ready to use.

Q. Can I login without a Facebook account?
A: Yes, you can login to RapidFire using your Agora login. You’ll be able to view your affiliate customer lists, syncs and RF history. But you won’t be able to create a new sync with a FB audience unless you have access to a FB advertising account.

Q. What are Facebook custom audiences?
A: They are audiences you create using files of customer and reader data (like email addresses) for use with Facebook advertising. The audiences can be used for targeting ads to people, excluding people from seeing your ads, viewing insights on your customers or creating lookalike audiences to target ads to. Read more about custom audiences here.

Q. I’m not using FB advertising (or at least not custom audiences), can you help me with FB marketing?
A: Yes, we sure can. Please email us and we’ll schedule time to talk.

Q. How do I request files to be available in RapidFire?
A: Submit a Zendesk ticket requesting the files you want. Include the segment requirements (for instance all active free readers on a specific list or all the paid customers to a specific publication. Also include how often this should be updated (e.g. daily or just a once off file). Important: specify this is for RapidFire and the files should be placed on your affiliate folder in Kendra.

Q. What is my Kendra folder on RapidFire?
A: It’s the secure folder, unique to your affiliate, that Publishing Services places your requested customer lists on. You can’t download these files. You can only access them via RapidFire to sync to an advertising audience.

Q. What types of files should I be requesting?
A: That depends on how you plan to use them. You can create any variations just like you create segments of your mailing lists. For example, you may want a list of people who have latestly opened an email but not yet purchased to advertise one step promotions to. Or you may want a list of all buyers to create a lookalike audience from. At a minimum we suggest a file for your active free readers (one file for each email list) and another file for each front end publication. Providing the list names and pub codes is recommended. Feel free to contact us to discuss the types of segments that can boost your advertising results.

Q. How soon until I can use my file(s) to create a sync?
A: Immediately. As soon as Publishing Services places your files on your affiliate Kendra folder in RapidFire, you can start creating a sync with them. The time from when you request until they are placed in RapidFire will depend on Publishing Services. They may estimate up to a week from the request being made, but it can often be much quicker than that and may depend on how may files you request, how complex the segment requests are, and how often you need them refreshed.

Q. Are my files safe and secure?
A: Yes, absolutely. We built RapidFire so no files of valuable customer data need to be handled by individuals. Your files are also secure once they are used on Facebook since they are hashed locally. Hashing turns the data in your customer list into short fingerprints that can’t be reversed. It happens before your data is sent to Facebook. Here’s more information on how FB hashing works.

Q. What is a sync?
A: It’s syncing a customer file with an audience on an ad network. For example, you are matching up customer data (like email addresses) with custom audiences on Facebook.

Q. What should I name the sync?
A: Like any naming conventions, it should be something that is unique and recognizable to you. Most likely you will want to reference the file you are using and the advertising audience you are syncing to, as well as have multiple syncs (one for each audience on FB) so it will need to be easy to recognize.

Q. How can I see what syncs I have created?
A: Select Syncs > View all (which will take you to https://rapidfire.readyfireaim.eu/sync) to see what syncs are setup for your affiliate. You can use the search box or click on a column header to filter / sort your syncs.

Q. Can I see more detail for each sync?
A: Yes, if you click on the plusbuttonbutton for each sync it will show you more detail and options.

Q. How often are my files updated and synched?A. RapidFire currently checks files once a day and only syncs if it sees an updated file. Currently Publishing Services can update files as frequently as each day.

Q. Is there a way to check the file size I have requested?
A: Click “Customer Lists” on the left navigation and look at the Email count column for each file. The email count is based on how many @ symbols are contained in a file.

Q. What if the count of my customer files doesn’t look correct?
A: If you believe the number doesn’t seem close to what the file segment should be, please check with Publishing Services to ensure they have used the correct segments.

Q. Can I view the individual names in my lists or download the files?
A: No. One of the major reasons for creating RapidFire was to protect the security of customer files. To protect the company and the employee, individual records cannot be viewed, downloaded or copied from RapidFire.

Q. Why isn’t my Facebook audience the same size as my data list?
A: Facebook can only create an audience based on people it can match up with on the platform. If your readers don’t use FB or use a different email address to login. FB may not be able to match them with your data. Typically expect around a 50-60% match rate, probably lower for B2B businesses.

Q. How do I create a sync with my customer files and the audience on FB?
A: Click “Create New Sync” (under the Sync left navigation). You can complete the 3 sections (Sync Details, Sync Customer List, Sync Advertising Platform) in any order. View the “How to Create a Sync” quick training video that walks you through each step.

Q. How do I check if a sync worked?
A: You should receive an error message if the sync didn’t work. But you can also check “Syncs” on the left hand navigation. Select “view all” to see sync details. We also suggest you go directly to Facebook itself and view “audiences”. You will see the date that audience was last updated and the size of the audience.

Q. What do I do if a sync stops working or doesn’t look right?
A: You can click on a sync and edit or delete it if necessary. If you’re not sure please email us and we’ll help troubleshoot it for you.

Q. Should I regularly monitor my syncs to make sure they’re working/updating correctly?
A: RapidFire should catch any sync that isn’t working but we recommend you also check the audience on the advertising platforms to ensure the size of the audience and the date it was last updated is correct.

Q. Can I create more than one sync to the same audience?
A: No. You can only sync one file to one audience.

Q. Why can’t I see all my audiences on FB to sync the files to?
A: We exclude website audiences, lookalikes, saved and engagement audiences from the available list since you can’t sync a data file to those audiences. You can create a new audience as part of the sync process if necessary. If you don’t see a data based audience in RapidFire please let us know.

Q: I can’t see my Facebook ad account(s).
A: Ensure you are logged in to Facebook via RapidFire. Go to Facebook on the left navigation and click “Grant Access”.

Q. I can’t connect to the AdWords or Gemini ad platforms?
A: Sorry, those platforms are still being integrated. We’ll update you as soon as they are ready. We estimate this will be late 2016 or early 2017.

Q. What should I do if I see an error message or if something doesn’t seem to be working properly?
A: There’s a good chance we have already been alerted to the problem and are working on a solution but please email us here explaining the problem.

Q. What is the activity log?
A: This shows all the activity for your affiliate that has occurred in RapidFire.

Q: Can I get training for RapidFire?
A: Yes, absolutely. Please email us and we’ll schedule time to train you, in person or remotely. You can also check out our video training section here.

Q: Can I suggest new features or changes to you?
A: Yes, please. Email us to tell us how we can make this platform better for you.

Q. Where do I go if I need help that’s not answered here?
A: Please email us with your question.

We’ll add more FAQ and answers as we receive them from you. Thanks for your feedback.