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Securely Synchronise your Customer Data with Facebook Custom Audiences.

Your customer data is the most valuable asset your business owns. We created RapidFire to help you securely, and dynamically, use that customer data on major advertising channels.

Advertising accounts such as Facebook, Adwords and Twitter allow you to upload customer data, including email lists, for use with their platforms. This allows you to target ads to those lists or exclude segments of people from seeing ads that aren’t relevant. The ability to create “lookalike” or similar audiences to your customers is another power benefit of these custom audiences.

One of the biggest concerns for any business wanting to harness these opportunities is to safely and securely manage the uploading of these customer lists. In many cases this results in an individual staff member or agency handling large files of personal customer data. The risk of accidental or fraudulent misuse of that customer information is high.

An additional challenge is to update those customer lists in a timely fashion. Currently, the process is extremely burdensome. It requires someone requesting up-to-date lists and manually updating the relevant audiences on each ad platform.

These two issues – secure and automated file management – were the main catalysts for us to create RapidFire.

RapidFire enables businesses to securely create – and automatically update – custom audiences for use with Facebook advertising. Integration with Adwords will be coming soon.

Don’t let your customer email addresses be handled by employees and potentially fall into the wrong hands. Eliminate the need for your staff to repeatedly request and manually edit customer audiences on Facebook.

Agora businesses will be happy to know RapidFire uses Agora login details for extra security and ease of use.


Features & Benefits:

  • Contactless List Uploads – Files of customer emails are uploaded to your private and exclusive folder on Kendra, the secure file system in RapidFire. No more sharing of files with individuals.
  • Segmented Synchronisation – Automatically create Facebook audiences from the same segments you use in your email broadcasts. For example, run similar ads on Facebook at the same time a new reader sees them via a welcome gauntlet.
  • Automated Daily Synchronisation – Sync your files with custom audiences on Facebook automatically every day. No more manual editing. Your audiences are automatically kept up-to-date.
  • Fresh Customer Audiences and Dynamic Lookalikes – Ensure your current readers are not seeing irrelevant ads. This reduces ad fatigue and negative feedback, improves your click through rate and relevancy score which lowers your cost per acquisition. – Lookalike audiences based on your customer files will dynamically adjust as the source file updates daily. This allows your ads to reach fresh audiences and scale your acquisitions.
  • Secure Login with your Agora ID and password – If any employee leaves they’ll automatically have their access revoked. No employee ever has access to the raw customer files.


Coming Soon:

  • Integration with Google Adwords Customer Match – Safely create and update audiences for ad targeting and exclusion.
  • Facebook Lead Ads – No more manual downloading of files from Facebook and uploading to IRIS or Signup App. Automatically deliver your welcome email.
  • New and ongoing innovations will help automate your marketing efforts. New features will be optional and may incur an additional fee.

Contact: Grant Perry gperry@readyfireaim.eu


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