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Podcast 27: Managing and Leading Teams Across Continents

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Podcast

Living and working in multi-cultural environments means that a lot can get “lost in translation.” This could lead to confusion, embarrassment, misunderstandings, offense and a breakdown in communication.

The same applies to businesses, especially when you are working with multiple stakeholders across various continents.

Thanks to technological advances making it possible for anyone to be reached at almost any time no matter where they are, many businesses now face the question: how do you lead and collaborate with teams that span over various continents and nationalities, and who have very different ethnical and cultural values?

Tricky question, right?

Erin Meyer skilfully answers this question in her book The Culture Map.

In today’s The Big Idea podcast, Francois Lubbe and Christina Clapp discuss The Culture Map and how the framework provided in this book can help businesses to better understand and manage the growing challenge of navigating cultural differences in the workplace.

Show Notes:

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