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Podcast 26: Closing the gender divide in copywriting

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Podcast

In late 2017, Southbank Investment Research, an Agora company based in London, ran a Copywriter’s Bootcamp as part of a recruitment drive.

For the bootcamp, publisher Nick O’Connor invited aspiring copywriters to join two weeks of intensive copy training from some of the leading copywriters in the industry. At the end of the two weeks, based on their performance, the most promising attendees were invited to work for one of the Agora companies in London.

Out of the 20 attendees, only 7 were selected of which 2 were female, Ellie Daghlian and Sally O’Sullivan. In today’s The Big Idea podcast, Francois Lubbe speaks with both Ellie and Sally about working in a traditionally male environment, how they approach copywriting, and the qualities they believe set them apart from their male counterparts.

Show Notes:

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