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Podcast 24: The latest addition to Adwords offers new advances in Multivariate Testing

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Podcast

In the past year, Google has made quite a few changes to advance its Ad Platform. We’ve already seen Standard Text Ads being replaced with the much meatier Expanded Text Ads and now, the latest addition is Responsive Search Ads.

Responsive Search Ads display up to three headlines consisting of 30 characters each, simultaneously. They also display up to two lines of description, consisting of 90 characters each – giving your ads over 80% more real estate on the SERP.

In addition, with these multiple ad elements, Google employs its machine-learning skills to identify which elements of your ads are most effective over time.

In today’s The Big Idea podcast, Francois Lubbe speaks Christina Clapp about the benefits of using Responsive Search Ads as an additional tool for multivariate testing, as well as highlighting some its potential drawbacks.

Show Notes:

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