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Podcast 21: The Hustle — Carving Out a Unique Career Path with The Agora Companies

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Podcast

Talk to anyone who has been working at one of the Agora companies for some time, and you will almost certainly hear that it takes a certain kind of hustle to carve out your very own unique career path.

One thing is clear, there are plenty of opportunities available for you to succeed in whatever direction you choose to take – whether it is in copywriting, editorial, digital marketing, creative and design, or information technology.

Another thing you’ll also find, is that during your time with The Agora, you will very likely wear a few different hats. In today’s The Big Idea podcast, Brian York and Grant Perry speak with Francois Lubbe – the latest addition to the AIM team.

Francois has been with the Agora companies for nearly 15 years, during which he has worked in customer service, SEO, web design and digital marketing, until he finally ended up in editorial. Listen to today’s The Big Idea podcast to get Francois’ perspective on what it means to work for The Agora.

Show Notes:

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