A holiday gift that will increase your conversion rates by 20%

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Facebook, PPC, Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Login test Increases Landing Page Conversion by 20% - A Gift from Brian SwiftI come bearing a gift this week.

One that will increase your signup rates and decrease your CPAs, on both Facebook and AdWords immediately.

It’s a gift you need to implement today.

To get right to it, I’m here to share with you the results of a landing page test that increased our signup rate by +20% and decreased our CPL by -16%, on Facebook. On AdWords, it reduced our CPL by -4% and there was a small, but still positive, increase in signup rate.

The test: What effect does adding a social login option to our landing pages have on performance?

Social Media Login Testing

We first heard about this test during a recent visit to our colleagues in Brazil. If I remember correctly, adding the Facebook login option almost doubled their conversions!

The Results of Our Social Login Test

Test Results for our social login button on landing page

Better Customer Match Rates

As if the results alone weren’t good enough, there is also another big benefit to capturing an email via a social media login, and that is, that you are more likely to get a person’s best email. If you think about it, this just makes sense – people tend to not use their work email, or even a fake one, for their social media accounts.

Now that we have the user’s Facebook email, we will see better customer match rates when we upload our lists to Facebook.

By reducing the chance of getting a bad email we should, (and did in this case), get more paid orders too.

That’s it for this week. I hope, like me, you’re excited about the results of this test, and see that having a social media login is really a no-brainer.

All the best,

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Brian Swift

P.S. Shout out to Threefold Systems in Ireland who built this Facebook opt-in feature. If you want to get this plugin on your landing pages, reach out to Elaine Finnegan over at Threefold and she’ll get you set up in no time!

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