How to Avoid the Facebook and Google Slap

by | Oct 23, 2017 | PPC

Google Slap Webinar For AMM MembersWhat would it mean for your business if you were hit by the Facebook or Google slap? If AdWords or Facebook shut down your ad account?

Sadly, it is a huge (and increasingly common) problem. It often happens without warning or explanation. And there’s not always an easy way to appeal the decision or recover your account.

Facebook, in particular, is on a crusade lately. They’ve declared a war on fake news. Their intentions may be noble but many innocent businesses – like yours – are a casualty of the friendly fire.

They’re hiring thousands of additional staff to manually review ads. That means more kids, fresh out of college, desperate to find reasons to ban your ads.

They’re using more automation around ad compliance. The sole purpose of these machines – and extra people – is to disapprove your ads and shut down your account.

And potentially shut down your business in the process.

Or seriously impact your ability to generate new leads and customers.

But you can fight back.

There are ways to appeal the decision to get your account back… even if FB tells you their “decision is final.”

There are methods to seriously reduce the risk of getting your ad accounts shut down in the first place.

And there are strategies you need to know to prepare yourself in case Google or FB decide to attack your business.

Over the years, many of The Agora businesses have felt the cruel force of the Facebook and Google slap. We know how personally stressful it can be…and what a serious impact it can have on your business. And we understand how frustrating it can be to feel in the dark about who to talk to or what to do next.

You want to play by the rules. But perhaps you aren’t clear what the rules are.How to avoid getting slapped by Google and Facebook

Or maybe you do understand the ad platforms’ policies – and have painstakingly tried to follow them – but have still have been mercilessly shut down.

To add insult to the injury, chances are you’ve been banned while your competitors run similar ads without a problem.

It’s not fair. It’s frustrating. And it can be a killer blow to your business.

But we can help.

We can explain – in plain terms – what the rules are. And how to make sure you know how to play by them.

We can also help you create a game plan to ensure you are no longer at the mercy of Google or Facebook. Strategies that will help you diversify – and scale – your acquisitions …and increase your profits.

These strategies are essential to growing and protecting your business even if you have never been banned. They’re the smart approach even if you don’t believe you ever will.

That’s why we created our “Ad Slap Pack.”

Your Blueprint to Avoid The Facebook & Google Slap

The pack is a blueprint for you. It’s a roadmap to navigate the murky waters of Google and FB ad platform compliance. It contains the information – and methods – you need to:

  • Give you a chance to recover your disabled FB or AdWords account
  • Decrease the odds of your account being shut down in the first place
  • Prepare yourself in the case your ad accounts are banned…and help scale your conversions in the process

The key component of this pack is our “fight the slap” webinar that we latestly hosted. It covered everything you need to know to protect – and grow – your business.

We were joined by Kevin Fabbri – our Google Account Representative – who has worked countless hours with The Agora businesses. On our live webinar, he shared many of the lessons he has learned to recover, prepare, and protect your AdWords account.

Along with our panel of marketers, he also answered many specific questions around the problem of ad account suspensions.

We know how important this advice is for all digital marketers or any business that relies on Facebook or Google for their traffic, leads, and sales.

The webinar was hosted specifically for our Agora Marketing Masters’ members. We knew many of them wouldn’t be able to attend the live event. We have members around the world, in different time zones, and with businesses to run.

That’s why we recorded it. We wanted to be sure none of our members missed this critical information. And we wanted them to be able to watch it again for a refresher anytime they want.

It’s also why we also created the additional materials to accompany the materials for our “slap pack.” This invaluable pack includes:

  • The webinar recording
  • Kevin’s presentation deck covering the best practices to stay in Google’s good graces and protect your AdWords account
  • The AIM PowerPoint presentation featuring the strategies to recover your accounts, protect them, and insure yourself against an account ban
  • Examples of ads and landing pages that have been banned…and how they were corrected to be compliant while still converting
  • Further resources and links needed to help you fight back and protect yourself

We’d like to send you this slap pack too.

We think it’s critical information to arm yourself with in the war against the Google slap and Facebook ad account suspensions.

In fact, this webinar alone is worth the price of membership. It may be the best insurance policy you ever buy.

So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to join Agora Marketing Masters, this is it. Seize your opportunity now and stay ahead of your competition.

As a member of Agora Marketing Masters, you’ll receive the webinar recording and all the other invaluable materials in our “ad slap pack.”

You’ll also receive access to all our past – and future – webinars.

But the webinars are only one element of membership. When you join our elite networking group you’ll discover how to grow your business…avoid costly mistakes (like having an ad account shut down)…and put your career in the superstar lane.

Don’t put your business at the mercy of some kid in his first job, or risk a faceless machine searching for reasons to ban your ad account.

Get access to the “slap pack” and all benefits of private Agora Marketing Masters’ network here.


Brian York



Brian York
Managing Director

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