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AMM MasterCast 050: Top takeaways from Traffic and Conversion

by | Mar 6, 2019 | MasterCasts

Last week, several of the AIM squad joined over 100 Agorans in San Diego for the Traffic and Conversion Summit (T&C), where The Agora Companies had a couple of exhibit booths. Additionally, The Agora Companies had an on-stage presence for the first time this year… with three separate presentations, all widely attended.

With over 120 presentations and 6,000 attendees, it was impossible to absorb everything that was on offer. But one thing is for sure, the deciding theme for this year’s T&C was that digital advertising has matured. It’s ripe for disruption.

Now is the time to take risks, do the things you can’t track or necessarily scale. Do what seems like “the right things to do” for your customers and bring your customers back to the heart of your business.

In today’s MasterCast find out what the top takeaways are that the AIM squad got from this year’s T&C – ranging from Quiz Funnels and how to successfully deploy them in your business, to the power of telling stories, to simple ways to create killer content on YouTube.

Show Notes:

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