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AMM MasterCast 043: Negative Customer Reviews Are Killing Your Business

by | Jun 27, 2018 | MasterCasts

The Agora companies have faced a lot of adversity this year. Some might say: This is what we do. We push the envelope. We don’t position ourselves slap-bang in the middle of the bell curve.

That’s right.

However, with tightening regulations and in an effort to put the customer experience at the heart of their policies, media giants like Google and Facebook are now judging their advertisers by a new set of rules. As a result, our reputations as reputable contrarian information publishers are at stake… and this time it is less about our voice and more about our business practices.

Of course, we also pride ourselves in how we treat our customers. We value their business. We want to give them a good experience. And we want them to stay loyal.

But perhaps we have allowed ourselves to become a bit lazy.

With online business reviews and feedback carrying more weight than ever, the one thing we have a fair degree of control over are reviews from customers that say: “I tried to cancel but did not know how to,” or “Charges were made to my credit card that was not fully explained to me,” and “I asked for a refund, but did not get one yet”.

In today’s MasterCast, Brian York, Grant Perry, Colm O’Sullivan, and Neill Langston discuss the importance of reputation management and how your business can change scathing reviews into shining testimonies.

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