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AMM MasterCast 040: Digital Marketing Conference 2018 Top Takeaways

by | May 23, 2018 | MasterCasts

Last week, 180 publishers, digital marketers, and copywriters from across The Agora globe descended on Baltimore for our annual Digital Marketing Summit. The theme for this year’s event was ’Marketing in a world without Facebook and Google.“

While Google and Facebook have not completely shut their doors on us yet, the topics of discussion at the conference focused on the fact that the world is getting smaller and much more regulated.

The reality is, The Agora’s identity is built on strong and contrarian points of view and as a result, in the current over-regulated environment, our businesses around the world are facing more obstacles as we try to go out on advertising platforms. This poses the question: How do we scale in an environment that ’forcefully prevents“ us from scaling easily?

In this week’s MasterCast, Brian York and Grant Perry reflect on this year’s conference and share their insights and top takeaways.

Show Notes:

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