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AMM MasterCast 034: The Agora Digital Marketing Summit: Showing you opportunity where others only see crisis

by | Apr 11, 2018 | MasterCasts

The second Agora Digital Marketing Summit is just around the corner and with so many surprise developments happening in the marketing space, our 2018 gathering in Baltimore with some the smartest marketers in the world is bound to be epic.

Held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, on May 17-18, a primary theme of this year’s Agora Digital Marketing Summit will be around diversifying in a landscape riddled with Facebook and Google slaps, data scandals, and a crackdown on provocative copy and contrarian ideas.

What’s next? Where do we go from here? Is a world of marketing without Google and Facebook actually becoming a reality for some us? What opportunities lie ahead in these exciting times?

To find out more about the Agora Digital Marketing Summit, tune into this week’s MasterCast with Brian York and Grant Perry, where they discuss some of the key events that will take place over a jam-packed two days of presentations, workshops, small group discussions and networking events.

Show Notes:

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