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by | Jun 16, 2017 | General Marketing Tips

2017 started out strong for the AIM Squad, and we’ve been working away on a few projects that we’ve been itching to tell you about in the next few weeks. Now that it’s June, we’re midway through the year, so we’d like to check up on YOU. Are you still set on the goals that you made back when 2017 was bright, shiny and new?

To help jostle you back into accomplishing those well thought out goals, we’ve gone through our list of top articles to help you along your marketing journey.

1.Google policy changes

Back in January, Colm warned readers of Google’s intrusive interstitials penalty that rolled out on January 10th. The most important portion that concerned direct response marketers was the penalty related to mobile pop-ups… our most popular tool.

Five months on, we can say that the impact of this penalty has been minimal. It doesn’t look like many sites have been negatively affected by this penalty. If you’d like to see if you were, please reach out to Colm for help.

Although small, we’ve come to learn that it’s not the best to be on Google’s bad side. In order to avoid future penalties, it’s practical to have a compliant pop-up for all traffic coming in from Google, but continue to hit people with your best converting non-compliant pop-up on the second page a user visits.

2.Cloaking: The New Google Slap

This is a story of caution from our Adwords expert, Natalie. One of our client’s accounts was suspended on Google due to “cloaking,” which basically means the website in question may have provided users with different results than they expected.

After a flurry of searches, they discovered the reasoning from Google was vague, as to not give too much away so that potential violators couldn’t connive even more clever workarounds. The AIM team was left grabbing at straws figuring out what the violation was in the first place, and righting whatever was wrong.

Unfortunately, the Google gods did not reinstate the account, despite AIM’s laborious efforts. Natalie’s team are looking into more Google-friendly ways of testing: through Experiments (a Google product) and Google Optimize (another Google product). There seems to be a pattern, which we hope helps us in the long run.

Worried? So are we! Reread the story to find out the errors that could lead you to becoming a possible victim of the Google Slap’s shadier twin.

3.Saving time and becoming more efficient with Facebook Automation

Grant will be the first to jump on the chance to talk to you about automation. Like many others working in the technology industry today, Grant loves to try out new applications and innovations (especially from Facebook) that can get your business running quickly and efficiently so you can work on more important matters.

According to open rates and clicks, this article resonated with Facebook marketers who want to explore automation in the channel. FB marketers who have to manage multiple campaigns, adsets, and ads can now set up specific alerts or automated actions including (but not limited to): CPAs, daily spend, frequency, reach, and so on.

If this excites you, read on and follow the descriptive steps laid out for you to get your team on its way to Facebook efficiency!

4.Project X – Exploring Messenger Bots

If you attended our inaugural Digital Innovation Summit earlier this year, you’ll know at least the gist of what Project X is, and AIM’s new love for FB Messenger Bots.

We’re living in a world of utilizing AI, a growing importance on customer service and communication with users. The AIM team has spent the past few months testing out different Messenger Bot interfaces and meeting with clients on how they can best utilize them for their businesses.

As excited as we are to create flows and “humanizing” our very own bots, we’re learning just as much with the clients that have worked with us on building out how theirs function. If you’d like to be on the forefront of this breakthrough marketing channel, reach out to the AIM Squad today to get started.

5.Google’s New Ad Experience Report

Yikes, another Google change?! Like Brian has spoken about before, AIM has to be on a close level playing field with advertising giants like Google and Facebook, especially when they update, come out with new policies and innovations.

This popular post states that back in April, Google made the announcement that they’ll be adding ad-blocking features on Chrome. Ad-blocking is the plague of the marketing industry, and sadly for us the numbers are growing.

Ads on your websites and where you put placements are effected, along with an array of other factors that help you track and target users. If you were looking for a sign of when to take action on your Google strategy – THIS IS IT!

Brian will still be following Google’s next moves closely, but for now, he strongly suggests checking out the Ad Experience Report located inside the Google Search Console under web tools. The ad-blocking feature starts in 6 months, so login to your account regularly to see if Google has reviewed your site.


So there you have it, the first half of 2017 and the most important topics to you guys, our dear readers. As we chug along with our own goals and working with clients on achieving theirs, if you feel as though you’re falling behind, feel free to reach out! We’ve got the expertise on an array of marketing strategies, and we’d love to help you make a 180 over the next 6 months while you still have time.

Talk soon,

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