What should be on your 2018 marketing to-do list?

by | Jan 8, 2018 | General Marketing Tips

What did you leave on your 2017 marketing to-do list?what should be on your marketing to do list in 2018?

It’s a simple question, but one that many feel uncomfortable answering.

Not to worry though. I’ve been in your shoes. There are only so many hours in the day, so many days in the week and so many weeks in the year. No matter how much you bust your ass, there will always be some initiative left at the end of the year that could have made you money, or saved you money.

Today, I’m going to share with you the top 3 to-dos that I see out there in the digital marketing world. They may, or may not, be on your to-do list… but if they aren’t, they should be.

Facebook Video Ads

I ran the first Facebook ads for The Agora back in 2008. Statistically insignificant data on them now, but I’m still happy to see that the 38 New To Affiliate customers acquired in 2008 have a Lifetime Value (LTV) of $1,329 each.

Back in 2008, the Facebook ad interface was about as rudimentary as they come. The targeting was negligible and the only choice for your ad type was 1) image and text or 2) just text.

Fast forward to 2018. Facebook represents 75 – 90% of the media spend for many large direct response businesses. The targeting possibilities are more sophisticated than any other platform out there. 75% or more of our customers and prospects are using it on a daily basis.

All of this makes me wonder, why aren’t we using the best ad formats available?

From December 24th to January 1st, I saw an explosion of Facebook ads from direct response publishers. Perhaps it was just that I was on Facebook more often than normal… that’s likely the case. In 9 days, I saw 231 ads. You know what I didn’t see? One, single video ad.

If you use Facebook as a consumer, which I hope you do, you can see that Facebook is pushing video heavily. They are trying to compete to be the dominant platform in that space. Data is favoring video as the preferred content format on Facebook… and Facebook is constantly striving to push content to users in the format they prefer.

What does that mean for you? If you are only running traditional static ads, there is a good chance your prospects aren’t seeing them.

AIM marketers have been using Facebook video ads for almost 2 years now… and the results have been fantastic. If the idea of a video ad sounds like too much work, let me assure you that some of our best performing ads were created in less than 15 minutes.

I’d love to help you double your conversions on Facebook in 2018. I’ll explain how I can help at the end of this e-mail. But first, two more items for your 2018 to-do list.

Lead Gen at Scale

In the middle of 2017, I saw a renewed initiative in the direct response space to focus on lead generation. I think that’s great. Far too many businesses pushed all of their eggs into the ‘1-Step’ basket prior to 2017. That is, they focus on paid acquisition as the first contact point with a prospect instead of the 2-step approach of lead generation that pushes the lead into a relationship building product like a free e-letter.

About once a week I am asked what’s better, a 1-Step approach or 2-Step? The answer is more complex than a Yes or No response. I’d say the most succinct answer would be to do both, otherwise you are leaving money on the table. However, depending on your business stage, product library, available budget, promo copy, geographic location and manpower, one may be more favorable than the other at any given point in time.

The acquisition side of 2-Step is easier than 1-Step by far. But the monetary outlay can be significant, the payback period can be lengthy & intricate, and the analysis required at each step is much more complex than 1-Step.

So why would I encourage you to scale lead generation as part of your marketing war chest? Because it’s been proven time and time again that paid subscribers acquired through 2-Step acquisition have a higher LTV than 1-Step acquired customers. The reason why is simple in my opinion… it’s all about the relationship. Through a 2-Step approach we develop deeper relationships with our prospects that lead to a higher LTV.

Online Reputation Management

God, I hate that term, Reputation Management. But it’s an ever-present evil these days. The bigger you are, the more people want to piggy back on your success or divert traffic you paid for to make a dime. The disturbing reality is, if you don’t own your online reputation, someone else will.

I’ve been talking a lot about promo-driven search over the past few weeks in this space, and I’ve spoken about this at conferences around the world for years. At the end of each presentation I always give the audience an exercise. I’ll do the same with you here today.

1. Google your business name + scam
2. Google your product name + review
3. Google your editors name

If you don’t dominate the top 5 results, there is a problem… one that can be resolved relatively easily.

If you don’t see this as a problem, let me explain a bit more. 30 – 40% of people that see your promo, go on to search for more information about your company, your product or your editor.

Imagine one of your prospective buyers watching your VSL and then searching for more information on Google before buying. What do they see? Will they get back into the sales funnel through one of those search results and complete the sale?

In a recent article, Colm gives some tips on how tracking brand mentions can help monitor your reputation online, and fix any issues before they become a problem for your business.

How I Can Help

Were any of these three items on your to-do list in 2017? You definitely need them to be on your marketing to-do list in 2018 to stay competitive. Let me tell you how I can help.

Agora Integrated Marketing was founded in 2015 with the goal of maximizing marketing throughput for your business. I have a team of seasoned marketers split between Baltimore, the UK, and Ireland. I want them to help you get the three items listed above OFF your to-do list and ON to your action item list in 2018.

Call me at 410-454-0458 or email me at byork@readyfireaim.eu to discuss. Let me help you make your next million dollars.

To a profitable 2018,

Brian York



Managing Director
Agora Integrated Marketing

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