The yearly pilgrimage is about to begin. Already I am seeing colleagues from around the world checking into airports… anxiously awaiting 10,000+ mile flights. Presentations have been prepped, edited and finalized. On Monday, the Agora international marketing world will meet at the Chateau de Courtomer in the Normandy region of France for our yearly Relationship Marketing Seminar.

This seminar is not designed for our current lineup of international power hitters; it’s meant for the next generation… ‘A player’ marketers that have been in their roles between one and three years. The experience these marketers have gained with their individual businesses will be shaped and put into context with two and a half days of presentations, one on one meetings and, if we’re lucky, a bit of badminton. The goal by next Thursday is to have the attendees walk away with a much deeper understanding of Agora and the relationships we develop with our customers through our marketing.

A building as old and grand as the Chateau de Courtomer carries with it a lot of history. There is a bit of history that may never make it into the official records. Two years ago, in the village of Courtomer, the idea of Agora Integrated Marketing began. In that time, we’ve grown from a team of two to a team of ten. We have offices in Waterford, Ireland – Baltimore, USA and soon, Harrogate in the north of England. We work with fifteen Agora groups across the globe in varying capacities. Our original offering of marketing management services has grown to include SEO services, marketing automation software, training and the yearly AIM gathering, the Digital Innovation Summit.

It’s been exciting, to say the least. We’ve grown the acquisition strategies of a few businesses exponentially, improved monetization by refining the customer journey and identified and corrected some major problems affecting SEO.

But there is something that we’ve been quietly working on which is even more exciting… the launch of our product vertical in mid-July. I can’t share too much at this point, you’ll hear more in just a few weeks. But I can promise you that what we’re developing is sure to help even the most experienced of marketers hone their skills even further.

We call it, Agora Marketing Masters… watch this space.

With that, I’m off to pack my bag for Courtomer. We’ll be sure to report back to you, keep your eyes on our Facebook page for updates and live video streams.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Brian York,
Managing Director, AIM