Three Powerful Marketing Opportunities

by | Sep 6, 2018 | General Marketing Tips, PPC, Social Media Marketing Tips

Marketing StrategyWhat’s next?

It’s a question digital marketers frequently ask ourselves as we explore the latest developments and opportunities to stay ahead of our competitors.

When we have those “what is next” conversations at AIM, I’m often reminded of my grandfather who used to say: You won’t always find a golden opportunity behind every closed door.

Then again, you won’t know until you’ve opened the door to see what’s hiding behind it… A brick wall? Or the next best thing?

So, here’s a look at three opportunities that we think digital marketers should focus on in the coming months.

The Power of Two

Facebook Messenger is by far the most promising “new” platform… or shall I rather say “fast-evolving” platform. With 1.3 billion active monthly users (July 2018), the possibilities of reaching your target audience through this platform are endless.

Facebook Messenger Users

But businesses are jumping on the Messenger bandwagon fast… and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a saturated and over-regulated platform. We covered Messenger in great detail at the Agora Digital Marketing Summit in May. Agora Marketing Masters members can access that presentation here.

Another platform that is stepping out of the shadows is Instagram, especially since this photo-sharing platform passed the 1 billion active users mark in the beginning of August.

In his article, It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Competition Heats Up on Instagram, Grant Perry explained why this fast-growing platform, with its sophisticated ad options and no minimum budget spends, is worth adding to your digital marketing arsenal.

Yes, the assumption has always been that Instagram is only for the younger crowd. But in recent years, the older demographic has been increasing steadily and now stands at 18% of users being between 50 – 64 year olds and 8% of users are 65 and older, making it a critical space for today’s digital marketer.

Instagram User Stats

Source: The collected data comes from the Pew social media report

The introduction of Instagram Story Ads – full screen vertical ads that appear between Instagram users’ stories – is where the land of opportunity lies for digital marketers.

To read how you can reach 400m active daily users utilizing Instagram Story Ads, click here.

What’s Missing?

Sometimes, the “what’s next?” question should be “what’s missing?” Or “what are the opportunities right under our noses that we simply don’t embrace?”

I’m talking about your website.

With only 44% of businesses investing in a focused SEO strategy, this marketing channel is sort of an ugly duckling.

But it shouldn’t be… because out of the three reasons that most businesses don’t do SEO – it’s time consuming, labor intensive, and doesn’t pay off immediately – only one holds some truth to it.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

This is why you won’t see an immediate payoff for your efforts. However, when the payoffs begin to show, you could see SEO leads that are consistently worth 3-5 times more to a business, over their lifetime, than leads brought in through Paid Search.

Valuable leads like that are not to be scoffed at, so if your business falls into the 56% that doesn’t do SEO, here’s an article that will show you the fundamental SEO components that will turn your website into a lead generation powerhouse.

These are just three things that you can focus on in the last stretch of 2018. They are by no means definitive, but all three of them show exciting potential for your business!