5 Ways Direct Response Copywriters Can Make You Money NOW

by | Nov 23, 2016 | General Marketing Tips

Direct-response copywriting tipsMost of you have been with us for a while, and you know that a lot of AIM’s clients are part of The Agora, a global network of billion-dollar, underground news publishers and home of direct-response marketing. Marketing teams in our network have spent years mastering the trade; they’ve created bulletproof lists, obtained a loyal following, sold substantial products, and most importantly – have sold many ‘big ideas’ worth their weight in gold. But in order for marketers to do their jobs, they need good copy, and in some cases: A+ copy on hand in order to sell an idea.

Copy is the foundation for every marketing campaign, and good copywriters do not spring out of the ether. Many don’t even have an English degree. They’ve either studied from the greats, such as Clayton Makepeace or Alexander Green, or they train with American Writers & Artists Inc. to polish their money-making skills.

Last month, I had the privilege to attend a copywriting bootcamp run by AWAI down in Delray Beach, Florida. It was a chance to learn first-hand from the copywriting pros, and get a glimpse into the fascinating world of a successful direct-response copywriter. From the four-day expedition, I learned so much, that I hope you all can benefit from in the future. But there were five standout themes that rang throughout the event.

5 Things Every Direct-Response Copywriter Needs to Know

  1.  Subject lines need to be sexy.

Victoria’s Secret Angels don’t get you to shell out $90 for a push-up bra by walking the runway in granny panties, and the same should go for your email subject lines. Ben Settle, email marketing expert, emphasized the importance of the subject line. Besides the Sender’s name (which gives credibility), the subject line is the most important part of the email – your potential customer can either click to read or drag to the trash folder in a matter of milliseconds, and it’s up to your copywriter to get that initial click. Potential readers want to feel enticed, hungry, or even as Settle suggested – disgusted by your subject line – whatever emotion you need to get the user’s attention.
Aren’t you dying to open these?

2. “Use simple grammar and write plainly.” – Alexander Green in The Inexhaustible Demand for A+ Copywriters – and YOU

Direct-response copywriting doesn’t require an English degree, nor does it need dedication in investigative journalism or novel-writing. It is writing that simply gets your readers to buy something, or creates a strong desire for the service that the publication provides. In order to excel in direct-response copywriting, you need to write how you speak. Smaller words and shorter sentences help the most, so that it doesn’t take a thesaurus for a reader to decipher your sales pitch.

3. Get TOO emotional.

The esteemed copywriter, Clayton Makepeace, didn’t gain success by playing it safe. He knew that emotions – mainly fear and greed – run a sales pitch. Copywriters have the ability to excite, sadden, or scare their readers into finding the solution to all problems. Interestingly so, a reader’s curiosity is the first emotion that direct-response copywriters should harness in order to get them to the order page. After that, it could be greed or hope, but the most successful tactic is using fear to motivate – the reader is scared to lose out on this BOGO deal, or could lose MILLIONS if he doesn’t invest in this solar panel distributor… Your prospects have feelings, and it is your job to connect with them.

4. Find a niche.

I know it’s desired today to be a ‘Jack of all Trades,’ but in regards to copywriting, the A+ writers are experts in a certain field. You won’t see me sending out articles detailing the inner working of Google Analytics or financial tech stocks. It’s easy for us to become scatterbrained, but nowadays, companies want experts – whether they’ve studied to get their bachelors or spent the past 3 days researching a product’s capabilities.

5. Graphs, infographics, and visual aid.

Be honest, would you still be reading this if it weren’t for the pictures? Carline Anglade-Cole, one of the speakers who specializes in alternative health direct-response copywriting, emphasized in her presentation that diagrams can go a long way in sales copy. They give legitimacy to what you’re writing, which is especially important when selling products that affect your body. Copywriters should thoroughly research a product before writing about it, and the best way to convey any information is through a diagram of some sort.

Now I’m not going to say that every copywriter will help marketers make millions from these tips alone. If you’re a direct-response copywriter, regardless of experience, they should be a welcome reminder of the fundamentals. If you’re a marketer responsible for hiring and working with copywriters, these tips could go a long way to help you get substantial results in everything from your e-letters to reports. Consider it my early Christmas gift to you.

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