Ad Spec Cheat Sheet

by | Sep 12, 2018 | General Marketing Tips

Spec SheetLet’s face facts, I’m not getting any younger. A hangover takes days to get over and a late night is now barely staying up past the kids.

In digital years (which are worse than dog years) I’m positively ancient.

I remember when Google Ads was called AdWords and they were the only game in town. Then Facebook launched an ad platform and it was a brave new world. At first, all they offered were those small right rail ads on desktop. Zuckerberg swore he’d never allows ads in the News Feed or on mobile.

Fast forward to today, and there are dozens of different ad options in Facebook. News Feed image ads, canvas, and video. Placements in their audience network and different dimensions for different devices.

Google is no different, with a variety of ad options and specs.

Add to the mix literally dozens of other ad platforms and it’s a smorgasbord of options with head wrecking different specs to keep in mind and creatives needed.

Sometimes, I am nostalgic for simpler days. But, mostly I see opportunity…

An opportunity to get in front of prospects that you otherwise might not be reaching or to get in front of them in multiple places – often at a cheaper price.

Sure, most ad platforms don’t have the scale or sophistication of Google and FB, but they’re offering new options all the time and if you’re not on them, you may be missing fresh blood into your sales funnel.

It can make your head ache, though. Deciding which platforms to focus on is tough enough. Just getting an ad account set up can be a royal pain. Then, once you’ve jumped through those hoops, you have to deal with all the different specs and ad types.

Fear not. Here are two ways we can help:

  1. Check out this handy Ad Placement Spec reference from SimpleReach.This cheat sheet breaks down all the specs for FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, the major native networks, and more. Take a look. Bookmark it. Refer back to it.
  2. Let us do it all for you.Don’t have the bandwidth or desire to learn and test many of these ad platforms?Fear not, our media buyers are standing by, ready to do the heavy-lifting for you. Simply reply to this email or contact our Account Director, Natalie Eagling now to discuss how we can scale your business quickly.