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Gauntlet Series

The Gauntlet Series is your key to welcoming a fresh lead, nurturing their membership, and taking them along a road of wonder through the world that is your company or product. This approach allows you to educate your new lead, support them to embrace your company, and build long term relationships that deliver big results.

Over a series of strategically designed and delivered email campaigns, the gauntlet series will help you to build a relationship with your new acquisition, and earn their trust, by providing useful and relevant content that your customers can relate to and value. At AIM we understand that a free member that gets value from your company in the beginning, is far more likely to pay for further value in the future.

The email Gauntlet is AIM’s bread and butter. If you’re considering generating new leads, and feel it’s important to engage them while they’re hot, you should talk to our Gauntlet experts at AIM.