This is NOT the most important part of your email

by | May 5, 2017 | Email Marketing

Getting the click: Does the Sender Name Matter in 2017?I’ve mentioned copywriting before in a previous post, but I’m going to dig into Agora’s bread and butter which is email marketing.

You can be the best marketer, knowing how to get the highest ROI, testing against the control, and obtaining the most conversions, but you are still at the mercy of the reader. That list you’ve nurtured can make your business or break it. You might even have a terrific product to sell or an enlightening idea to tell people about. But, in the opinion of one savvy marketing expert, the success or failure of your campaigns can be attributed to one tiny detail.

Most people believe it’s the copy. But I’m talking about the few seconds a reader takes to scroll down his or her inbox, before they have a chance to read the copy in the email or click through to the promo copy.  So that would leave the subject line, right?


Before I can get to what really makes the reader click on an email, I want to go back to explain who the savvy marketing expert is I mentioned earlier. Ben Settle, if you haven’t heard of him yet, specializes in email creation for marketers. I had the pleasure of attending one of his presentations at AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp last October. His specialty is crafting subject lines, formatting email, and getting into the reader’s mind. He’s helped many clients profit from their mailings, and you can find him here.

For someone who specializes in email for marketers, you would think he’d say that a clever, shock-inducing subject line is the reason readers want to click on the email in the first place.

But Ben says, it’s really the “From” line – the person or company sending the email – that gets the click.

So what’s the best name to use in your “From” line? Like many things, it depends. Does your business sell a brand or a guru within a brand? And how did you “sell” that relationship initially….who are they expecting the email to come from? The majority of Agora businesses are guru based. Focusing on the guru helps to strengthen the relationship between the customer and publication. But always using the gurus name as the from name can backfire. Often a hybrid approach can be an effective strategy. Some businesses use the e-letter name as the from name and only occasionally – when the message is time sensitive – use the gurus name. Open rates tend to go through the roof. It’s certainly something you can test with your own e-letters.

We live in an age of smarter customers who are aware of spam and misguiding scams. If you have an established brand, and are lucky enough to have a following, you know that customers pay for your products because they trust you. Whether it’s the latest health supplements to cure their ailments or the next hot market to invest in, the credibility of your name or business will ensure strong sales.

Subject lines are intuitive to making those customers click, but it’s up to the credible sender to ensure that the customer trusts what is going to be in that email. Having loyal audiences and growing your lists is what Agora thrives on. Luckily there are marketers who constantly test, dig, and find the best idea or angle. Ultimately, it comes down to the relationship, which is fundamental to the success of our businesses. After all, relationships are what Agora is all about.

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Scotti Cutlip
Scotti Cutlip
Project Manager, AIM

P.S. Your email from name is just one vital element of a successful email marketing campaign. Probably the most important element is avoiding the spam folder. In his article, Brian York gives some actionable tips how to stay in the inbox. Check it out.