Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is achieved by understanding the customer, the conversion goal, and the analytics resulting from customer interaction. Our expertise lies in decades of experience with the 3 key conversion funnels – 1. Acquisition. 2. Activation. 3. Monetization.

  1. An acquisition funnel: has one core goal – To generate as many potential new customers as possible. This is also known as Lead Gen.
  2. An activation funnel: focuses on converting prospects into first time buyers.
  3. A monetization funnel: is all about keeping first time buyers engaged and converting them into long term, dedicated, and active customers.

As expert direct response marketers, we track everything. We know how important it is to understand each and every step your customer takes, from the initial landing page, through email sign up, media play, or product purchase.

Whatever type of customer you have, or funnel you require, AIM has the expertise to develop, optimize, and maintain a conversion funnel that enhances your campaigns and CPA across any platform.