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Scotti started in March 2016 as Project Coordinator at Agora Integrated Marketing, helping the team seamlessly work with our growing client base and learning from the best to find better solutions for their businesses. After spending the past two years as a business analyst at Agora, she is now ready to take the leap from the backend of how our systems work, to where the action is: helping marketing teams improve their current strategies.

You’ve been missing out

You’ve been missing out

We’re midway through the year. It’s time to revisit your initial goals to see if you’re heading in the right direction. Meanwhile, we’ve found our 5 top articles so far in 2017 to help reset your team’s motivation.
Drop the bot for a minute, we need to talk

Drop the bot for a minute,
we need to talk

What’s the relationship status with your clients or vendors? Smooth sailing? Complicated? Undefined? Let’s talk about why it’s important to slow things down with those you do business with, and treat them like your significant other. Flowers not required.