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Specializing in paid and organic search marketing with a passion for the technical intricacies involved, Brian has 16 years of experience generating millions of leads and hundreds of millions of dollars for global direct response publishers.

AMM MasterCast 016: Lessons from the Financial Publishers’ Roundtable

This week, Grant Perry and Natalie Eagling interviewed me on my recent trip to Nicaragua where I attended the Financial Publishers’ Roundtable. It was a 3-day intensive where we worked with publishers from The Agora and top names in the info marketing space, such as Todd Brown, Rich Schefren, and many more. By discussing ideas with the internal Agora network and gaining perspective from experts on the outside, I have a great list of takeaways to share with you.

AMM MasterCast 015: PPC Hero – Takeaways to sharpen your skills

For this week’s MasterCast, Grant Perry was joined by Natalie Eagling and Brian Swift from AIM’s account management team to discuss their latest trip to London for the PPC Hero Conference. Keeping our skills sharp and fine-tuning our marketing knowledge is a key component in the digital marketing world. We make it a point to go to events like these so our team can return equipped with new tools and updated techniques to execute.

AMM MasterCast 013: Threefold Systems – Working as the technical backbone in a marketing world

I was able to catch up with Ciaran McGrath and Mike Kelliher from Threefold Systems, a web development agency that is part of the Agora network. In the info marketing business, we focus all of our energy on copy and marketing, but it would be impossible to succeed without a functioning website, e-commerce system to collect money, or any sort of strong technical backbone behind our work.
PDS Effect nets publisher $500,000 in 6 months

PDS Effect nets publisher $500,000 in 6 months

Ever launch an email or direct mail promo and see a huge spike in traffic on your website that is not due to direct traffic to the promo?  Have you ever had a breakout campaign on the GDN or Facebook that resulted in a lot of organic referrals to your site for a specific phrase used in the promotion?

AMM MasterCast 011: Analog Marketing – There is still an offline world

This week, Natalie, Grant, and I took a step back to go beyond the emails and ads marketers send to their lists to get those conversions, and to really discuss what really matters… the people who receive them. In this multi-channel way of living, we tend to lose touch with the real world. Likes, shares, and automated posts don’t have the same effect as a phone call or hand-written note. So how do we combine these humanistic gestures with the likes of Facebook, Google, and other digital mediums?
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