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Tye Binuyo Account Manager (Baltimore)

Tye Binuyo is the newest member to the AIM team coming on board in early 2017. Tye discovered direct response marketing after noticing declining sales numbers in a retail business he owned and managed. He knew he was on to something after learning he could scientifically track and measure marketing efforts online using direct response principles.

Tye began studying anything he could find on the subject of direct response, learning from pre-internet experts such Eugene Schwartz, John Capes and Frank Kern to name a few. Upon becoming proficient in direct response marketing, he went on to hone his craft in ultra-competitive industries including construction, home improvement and the legal niche generating thousands of email and phone-call leads.

In his role prior to AIM, Tye managed the online paid search efforts of a medium sized law firm, generating new leads and clients in the personal injury and divorce niches. Most latestly, he has focused his attention on Google adwords, using the platform as a profitable sales and marketing tool.

Tye works as an account manager with AIM where he is responsible for the development and execution of internet marketing campaigns on platforms such as Google adwords, Bing and Facebook to name a few.

In his free time Tye enjoys a good movie, playing pool and swimming.