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Natalie Eagling Account Manager (Waterford)

Natalie brings a decade of multi-discipline marketing experience to the AIM team along with bags of passion, drive and energy for digital marketing.

At just 21, she began working for Agora, the biggest underground news and research publisher in the world. The business was a joint venture between Agora Inc and Verlag fur die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, a large German publisher. Starting as an assistant she quickly worked her way up, gathering a huge variety of experience along the way, taking best practice from both the US and Europe, and applying it.

Natalie ran both B2B and B2C subscription publications; from e-letter to newsletter and even binders. She launched new products to the market and developed, edited and marketed several successful books. Natalie always had a passion for digital marketing thanks to its speed and measurability, and eventually became responsible for all online acquisitions.

One wedding and a baby later, Natalie took a 2-year hiatus. During her time outside of Agora, Natalie worked with several leading UK marketing agencies who specialised in search (PPC, SEO and content marketing), web development and email.

After learning a lot about the agency business model and operation, account management, and the valuable client/agency relationship, Natalie returned to the Agora family in November 2015, where she would apply her agency experience working for AIM under mentors Grant Perry and Brian York.

As for her role with AIM? Well, as soon as she knows, she’ll update this bio accordingly! Right now it’s a bit of everything, alongside some fantastic people – and that’s exactly how she likes it!

Natalie moved her family from the bustling town of Harrogate in the UK, to the sleepy harbour village of Dunmore East, Ireland, to focus on her new role and be near to the Waterford office where half of the AIM team are based.

When she’s not hustling for AIM, Natalie can be found strolling the beach in Dunmore East with her (very energetic) daughter Willow and husband… and usually several house guests in tow, who are more interested in the view of the beach from the local pub!