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Francois Lubbe Managing Editor (U.K)

Francois is based in London and has been with The Agora Companies since 2004. Over the past 15 years, he has added quite a few feathers to his Agora cap — including Customer Service Manager, Marketing Assistant and Junior Editor, and Managing Editor for Agora Health UK.

Francois joined the AIM squad in 2018 in the capacity of Managing Editor, where his day-to-day include writing and curating e-letter content, and the editorial production of podcasts and webinars relating to the latest developments and discussion points in direct response marketing.

He is also spearheading the creation of an online learning portal for The Agora Companies, with the vision to provide a one-stop shop for the sharing of timeless concepts and ideas, a learning and development hub as well as a space to find actionable strategies and tactics to help business grow.

Francois has a background in Theatre and Creative Design. After relocating to London, he also studied Graphic and Web Design. However, his true passion is writing. In his free time he enjoys his hobbies, which include history, painting, drawing, designing and making furniture, photography and traveling.