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Christina Clapp Account Manager (U.K)

A new member of the AIM team, Chris has been a part of the Agora family for 6 years, and spent 6 years building up digital departments at three different agencies. To date, she’s worked in hospitality, real estate, finance, and health markets; including stints with Wall Street Daily, the Oxford Club, and Agora Health UK.

When tasked to write this bio, her first instinct was to turn to her very non-biased sister (a master of English language) for advice on what to write. Her sister’s response? “Chris is awesome. Done.”

For those more discerning readers, a more fitting bio might mention that although she originally planned to work in international marketing, she fell into digital marketing after completing her degree. After discovering how impactful and measurable digital marketing could be, she was hooked.

From a humble beginning as an in-training SEO specialist, Chris continued to learn about digital marketing, growing into a marketer with a wide range of expertise that includes Paid Search, Social, and Native marketing.

When not working in digital platforms, you can probably find her lost in a book. If you don’t find her there, she’s probably off on her other hobby – testing as many new hobbies as possible. And she means that; she’s taken classes in medieval sword fighting, wheel pottery, pasta making, and is currently looking to find glass-blowing class.