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Catherine Flannery Account Manager (Baltimore)

Catherine Flannery has been with Agora for more decades than she cares to admit. As one of the first international employees, she was instrumental in helping Agora launch its overseas affiliate offices. When Agora acquired its first global affiliate in Hong Kong, Catherine moved there to help with the transition. Similarly, she spent many months in London during the initial acquisition of Fleet Street Publications.

For the better part of the last decade, Catherine has focused primarily on the health affiliates, working exclusively for NewMarket Health for many years. More latestly, she has worked with the International Executive Committee in supporting Agora’s global affiliates, and has partnered with Agora Integrated Marketing (AIM) to work with a variety of affiliates and clients in developing their online marketing strategies.

Catherine is a graduate of The American University in Washington, DC, where she majored in International Business and Spanish, with a concentration in Marketing. After a brief foray in the non-profit sector with the World Wildlife Fund, Catherine landed in Baltimore with Agora where she has spent her entire professional career.

True to her international spirit, Catherine’s most important acquisition of the 1990s was her English husband, Chris. They live in the northern Baltimore County with their three children, two chickens and dog.